Finnish Game Jam 2011

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And here are the nominees…

The winners of the Finnish Game Jam 2011 competitions are declared at the IGDA February meeting in Helsinki, 8.2.2011. The nominees are:

Rhythm of the Stars
Snobli Run
Mushroom Crusher Extreme
Air Extinguisher
Death Pizza
How to Kill Pandas
Hamsters and Plague
Crash Lander
End of Resources

Stack’em Noah!
Last Kuraks

The candidates for the competitions were nominated by following judges:

FGJ Tampere:
Matti Isotalo, Gamereactor Finland
Roope Kärki, Advant Games

FGJ Kajaani:
Arto Moilanen, KAJAK
Kimmo Nikkanen, KAJAK

FGJ Oulu:
Antti Ervasti, Game Research Center/Oulun Yliopisto
Tony Manninen, Ludocraft
Jussi Autio, Tuonela Productions

FGJ Turku:
Vesa Nieminen, Turku Game & Tech Labs
Niklas Wahrman, TicBits Ltd

FGJ Outokumpu:
Jonne Ojennus, Grit Studios
Veikko Miettinen, PKKY


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